A Letter From Glendalough

A Letter From Glendalough 

August 2012

I’m walking along the Green Road in Glendalough, when I realize I’m thinking about eyelashes! Eyelashes on babies and infants – and women’s reactions to them. I remember bits of conversations where women I know have reacted to the baby infants of friends, commenting on their beautiful eyelashes.  “You’ve no business having such beautiful eyelashes” I remember being said in reaction to a beautiful infant.

What is it about eyelashes that produce this reaction in women? What is this deep rooted primal response?

As a mere man I don’t understand. Perhaps it’s similar to a baby bird fluttering its wings to trigger a feeding  response in a mother bird. 

Some people would say I should be praying as I walk in the tranquil mystical setting of Glendalough.

In a way, this is what I am doing in remembering this.

Martin Swords August 2012