Thanks Gilda – Lovely to Meet You All

Greetings to you Martin,

Thank  you for the information–it is very kind of you to take the time to send it to us.

WBwDLxcjD9l8PXWr3-megKSJqoMMO37SzL_Wt5bDtOsYour walk was lovely and we all enjoyed it very much.  There is so much history  to learn and our old brains are so full it is sometimes very difficult to stuff in anything else!  Being told the myths and legends and stories, standing on the same ground, gazing upon the physical ruins and remnants of a previous world, brings  it to life in a way that reading a book or pamphlet could never do.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable few hours and we will gladly recommend your services to anyone traveling your way.

Warmest regards,
Picture is of me as one of St. Kevin’s monks for a special walk to celebrate Heritage Week.
I don’t usually dress up ! ! Martin