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Delighted to announce we recently set up a Trip Advisor page to showcase Glendalough Guided Walks.

You can visit the page by clicking on this link or on the image to the left.

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A Poem for Glendalough








Glendalough Suite


Hill of the white oak grove, beloved of Nelson’s fleet.

Victory left the valley folk burning faggots.

Lugduff & Poulaneass

Black Hole Mountain Brook, father of the two lakes.

Powerful force, a torrent in streams clothing.

Speaks to us in splashes now of the ice that spawned it.


Treacherous Pointed rock. Master view of lakes and valley,

luring unwary travelers to a sloping edge too far


Ton Le Gaoithe, Back To the Wind. Always the wind,

from every direction. Stick your head up proud high

over Wicklow.  Many an Ice Age since you were warm.

manys the bitter blast a Phog Do Thon.


The Pass of the Oak Wood, nobly named in ages past before

the rape of ships and mineshafts


Once a village, proud, hardwon, hardmade.That was then.

Now even Broc himself finds life hard on this bare and

barren rock



magic mystic valley cradled in its mountain arms

Martin Swords



















A Wish at the Glenalo River Bridge – “I Wish the Rain Would Stop!”

Two adventurous American ladies, young in spirit, enjoyed their Glendalough  Guided Walk with guide Martin Swords. They stopped on the new wooden bridge over the Glenalo River, where the old bridge had been swept away by the floods of 2009/2010, and threw their coins in the river to make a wish. But it kept on raining, despite their wishes. Still, they had a great time, even in the rain !

” A walk in the dreech “

A companion on the walk

I had a lovely guided walk with a young couple from Poland, who knew quite a lot about Ireland before they arrived, much of it learned from their Lonely Planet guidebook.

The day was wettish, dampish, what we in Ireland call  ” a soft day”   or ” dreech ” – the rain never really fell heavy, it sort of hung there in wispy strips, not able to make its mind up whether to fall or blow away.

Anyway they loved the walk and learned a lot about St. Kevin, Seamus Heaney, and sphagnum moss ! ! I even asked them as  “homework” to investigate bogs and peatland on the net.

Bet the Lonely Planet doesn’t know about ” Dreech “.

Bye for now, more after the next Glendalough Guided Walk                                                                            Martin Swords

Short video introducing the walks goes live!

We have put together a very short video introducing the guided walks and myself, Martin Swords.

I am currently working on a more expansive piece but happy to have this for now.


Glendalough Guided Walks from Martin Swords on Vimeo.